Telematic attendance at meetings in capital companies, associations, civil societies and cooperative societies is extended until December 31, 2021 due to the crisis derived from the pandemic

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 prompted the publication of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, of extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19 (modified by Royal Decree-Law 11 / 2020, of March 31) that in its article 40 established a series of extraordinary measures applicable to the operation of the administrative and government bodies and to the convocation of the general meetings and assemblies of the legal entities of private law.

One of the measures was the possibility of holding sessions of the governing and administrative bodies of associations, civil and commercial companies, as well as the governing council of cooperative societies, boards or Assemblies of associates or partners, even if the statutes had not provided for it, during the alarm period.


New extensions

This measure was extended once the state of alarm ended until December 31, 2020 through final provision 4.1 of Royal Decree-Law 21/2020, of June 9. And finally, after the new declaration of the state of alarm, the telematic assistance to these meetings has been extended until December 31, 2021 by Royal Decree-Law 34/2020, of November 17, on urgent measures to support solvency business and the energy sector, and in tax matters, and Royal Decree-Law 2/2021, of January 26.

In the case of limited and limited liability companies for shares, associations, civil societies and cooperative societies, it is an essential requirement that all persons who have the right to attend or those who represent them have the necessary means, the secretary of the body recognizes their identity, and this is stated in the minutes, which will be sent immediately to the email addresses.